Settling-in period 

After you have registered, your child comes to the all-important settling in session. These sessions are
available to you after the registration fee has been paid.  As part of the enrolment process, together we will agree the best plan for you and your child taking into account the child’s current routines and your suggestions as to what will help your child to settle at Rainbows Day Care.

We offer up to 3 settling-in’ sessions over a 2 week period. We like each session to take place at different times of the day and over different days of the week to provide your child the opportunity to experience and acclimatise themselves to all aspects of our routines.
Normally, we start the settling-in process with a 2 hour session and gradually build this up to a session that includes a lunch time over the two week period.
During these sessions we will appoint a Key Worker for your child. They will form a close relationship with your child during their time at Rainbows Day Care and will be responsible for planning for all their needs and interests each week and for liaising directly with you regularly via our on-line software programme called ‘Connect’. Through this app you will have full access to all your child’s daily activities as well as their development through your child’s learning journey.

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Your Key Person

Your child’s allocated key person is crucial in supporting your child’s development. They are responsible for:-

 Being that special person that knows the child best and whom the child will form strong bonds with,
ensuring the child’s individual development needs are met, by setting challenging activities in different
areas so each child makes meaningful steady progress through the EYFS throughout their time at
Rainbows Day Care.
 Being the point of contact for the parents to feed back about how their child has been whilst in our
care and answer any questions parents may have.
 Reviewing and producing progress reports. Attending parents evening to discuss child’s progress
against EYFS.

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