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Rainbows Day Care is an Ofsted registered child care provider, we deliver a high standard of Early Years Foundation stage education. Our day Day Care offers spaces for children from 2 years old to 4 years old, on a term time basis. Open 38 weeks per year, 8am-6pm.

We offer the best education and care for your child, which is run by a dedicated team, all highly qualified in early years childcare. We are committed to finding the best possible staff members to provide you, as parents, ‘peace of mind’ in the knowledge that your child is being cared for in a safe, stimulating and exciting environment, where children feel valued and can develop into independent confident individuals. Every child’s welfare and care are at the heart of everything we do at Rainbows Day Care. We aim to ensure your child’s early years are happy years with us.

At Rainbows Day Care we are firm believers that a child’s first experience of ‘school’ is crucial for laying the foundations on which they build their future education. Time spent at Rainbows Day Care needs to be a time when learning and fun go hand in hand, where children gain pre school skills through productive play and exploration as they develop a real love of learning.

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Meal Time

Breakfast & Morning Snack

Starting the day off at 8am children will have a choice of cereal, porridge or toast.  We encourage the children to be independent and make positive choices. During the morning the children will break for snacks choosing from fruit, crackers with spread or pancakes with berries.  Children will have access to drinks to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Lunch & Snacks

Midday is our lunch time where children all sit and enjoy a healthy hot meal.  All children will be encouraged to help lay the lunch table by placing plates and cups (plastic) on the table.  The children will have free flow access to fruit, veggie sticks and rice cakes throughout the afternoon.

Tea & Snacks

Tea time is 4pm, where the children experience a picnic style light tea that they can create themselves. From a choice of bread, roll or wrap then a filling ham, cheese or tuna was well as a choice of snacks including yogurt, fruit or veggie sticks.


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Fun, Stimulating Activities

Children take part in sport, music and physical activities, to hone their social and motor skills, via our daily ‘Active Adventurers’.

Children have access to our on site gymnastic facility  every day, whether that’s learning a forward roll, balancing on a beam or jumping on trampolines which is all under supervision of our fully qualified and experienced staff. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage’s, learning key skills such as literacy and numeracy whilst having a focus of learning through play in the day care to help to stimulate children’s imagination, exploration, and role-play.  Every day the children will go on ‘Welly Walks’ in the Evesham Country Park and explore the local nature.

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