Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A family member will be collecting my child tonight and they have never been before. Is this ok?
A: Yes, this is fine as long as you have registered them to collect your child at drop-off and the person collecting has the ‘collection password’. We will ask you for a description of the family member and an approximate time they are coming to collect your child. They must also carry a photo ID such as a driving licence or passport. We do prefer receiving an emailed picture of them too.

Q: Does Rainbows Day Care close for Christmas or a Summer break?
A: Yes. We are open term time only.

Q: How do I pay my childcare fees?
A: You will be invoiced in advance of the new month and payment needs to be made by the 1st day of the month that the childcare is being provided.  We prefer you to make a Bank Transfer to our account.
We also accept Tax-Free Childcare payments, Childcare Voucher payments and Debit Card payments.
We do not accept cheque or credit cards.

Q: Can I pay using childcare vouchers?
A: We accept most childcare vouchers, please note all vouchers must have your child’s name or
reference on them or they will remain unallocated to your account.  We are currently registered with a number of different childcare voucher companies, however please check with the Manager that we accept childcare vouchers from your provider.

Q: Can I pay using the Tax-Free childcare scheme?
A: You will need to set up your own tax-free childcare account.
Find further information visit:

Q: What Notice Period are we required to provide for changes to our childcare?
A: We ask that you kindly give us as much notice as possible to increase your child’s sessions – please note that there may be a waiting list. We will always try to accommodate your request, however, there is no guarantee.   If you decide to reduce your child’s sessions or would like to leave us we require that you give us as much notice as possible with a minimum of 1 full month. This is to ensure we retain and recruit the best staff we have and to offer other families on our waiting list your sessions.

Q: What happens if I don’t actually start Day Care, having already registered and reserved a place?
A: In this case as part of the registration process you will have paid your non-refundable registration fee
which will be retained by the Nursery in accordance with our Parent Agreement.

Q: Can I reduce my hours in the holidays?
A: We do not allow a reduction of hours in a holiday especially as we are only open during term time.

Q: Are you closed on Bank Holidays? Do I have to pay?
A: Yes, we are closed on all Bank Holidays. Yes your fees will be charged for bank holidays.

Q: Can my child attend extras one-off or ad-hoc sessions and how do I book them?
A: Yes, it is possible to book ad-hoc sessions which can be requested by talking with our Manager.
However this is based on the availability of staff and capacity of rooms, so please give us as much notice as possible.  Please note that your ad-hoc session request must be confirmed by the manager by email. Once your session has been booked you will be charged unless cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

Q: How do I pay for ad-hoc sessions?
A: Ad-hoc sessions will be invoiced on confirmation of the space, or sometimes, based on our invoicing
cycles, it will be added to the following month’s invoice and collected by Direct Debit.

Q: Will I be charged if I collect my child late for any session?
A: Yes, there is a late collection fee. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details.  Please note that we will strictly follow our late collection policy.

Q: Can I drop my child off before 7.45am?
A: Due to staff ratios, supervision and insurance, we do not offer this.

Q: We are moving from another Nursery to yours, can we start using our funding straight away?
A: No, unless you’re moving ahead of one of the “funding term” start dates.  The local authority funding is based on funding terms, so if you start during term holidays or during an actual term time you will not get funding until the start of the next term.  You will be required to pay full Day Care fees for the sessions / days of your attendance until we receive your funding approval from the Local Authority.

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