Our Vision

At Rainbows Day Care our vision is to provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment where
everyone feels safe, nurtured and inspired to learn!

Our Mission

We believe every child deserves the best possible start in life. At Rainbows Day Care we understand
that each child is unique and therefore we will strive to ensure that each child is valued through our warm and nurturing environment in which each child can flourish and develop a lifelong love of learning.

We aim to provide a firm foundation for each child to support them in becoming an unique, independent, competent and confident learner so each child has the opportunity for a secure future.

Our Ethos

We want the best for all our children, families and our team. We strive to build strong relationships as we believe that ….. A Happy Team = Happy Children = Happy families. We do this by creating stimulating activities to enable our children to flourish and by ensuring our team feel valued, supported and respected.

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