1) What is the ratio in your classes?

Our ratios do not exceed 1 coach to 12 performers

2) Do you offer a discount for siblings?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for siblings. Please contact us for more information.

3) Do we close during school holidays

Our evening classes do not close for the majority of the year. The only time the evening classes pause is during the Christmas break.

4) Do they work towards badges and awards?

Yes. We have an award system that will help you and your child monitor the progress and help when making decisions about when to move up into more advanced classes.

5) Can parents stay in the gym during the class?

No. We want all of our participants to be focused on the instructor during the class. We encourage parents and careers who want to watch the class to sit in the waiting room where footage of the class is displayed.

6) Do parents have to stay?

No. Parents do not need to stay. When you signed up you provided us with contact details should we need to get hold of you. If you do leave we would encourage you to check that your details are up to date.

7) What is you cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. To do this you just need to send an email to the Academy before the 25th of the month expressing your desire to cancel.

8) Do you need a uniform to participate?

No. We do not insist that children wear a uniform. We do however expect children to wear appropriate sporting attire.

9) Can I choose the date of my direct debit?

No. Unfortunately because the registers are generated at the beginning of the month, all payments need to be collected on the 1st of each month.

10) Will there be opportunities to compete?

FMA provide opportunities for those wishing to compete to take part in various events. We know that not everyone wants to compete and we fully respect that. Those who wish to compete at move advanced events are able to join our house clubs who will provide further opportunities to experience national and international events.

11) Is there a membership fee for being part of the academy?

Yes. The membership fee covers costs such as insurance, consumables such as chalk, discount off merchandise and amenities for parents such as access to Wi-Fi whilst you wait. The fee is collected every year on the 1st October automatically via direct debit.

12) Do you accept child care vouchers.

Yes. We accept child care vouchers for some of our activities. We work with a range of child care providers so encourage anyone wishing to utilise this service to get in contact via email.

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