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FMA can boast one of the regions best equipped gyms with some of the most experienced coaches available. Our exciting, challenging and fun ‘My Gymnastics’ programme, aimed at children of school age, provides the perfect environment and opportunity to learn a broad range of skills that will help develop their fundamental core movements. Children are encouraged to develop at their own individual pace enabling them to achieve their full potential.

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We operate our own award scheme that provide a structured development pathway for children to safely explore their limits and get recognition for their efforts. Our 11 tier system take gymnasts from total beginner to regional competitor and help everyone understand what needs to be practiced to progress.

We regularly assess in our normal classes but formal assessments occur 3 times a year, namely December, April and September with awards being presented in February, June and October. We work hard to keep the costs as manageable as possible and feel that our new medals represent great value for money.

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