Welcome to our Free Running Program

Building on the fundamental skills learned in our Ninja program, Free Running takes us to a new. With our very own purpose built Free Running training area, FMA are among the best equipped facility in the region and are able to cater for all ages and abilities. Free Running is loosely based on the Parkour concept invented in France. Free Running however incorporates the principal of moving from point A to point B using skills such as climbing, jumping and running but has an additional focus on creativity and style. This hybrid form of moving therefore is more flamboyant and acrobatic but very exciting to watch.

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We operate our own award scheme that provide a structured development pathway for children to safely explore their limits and get recognition for their efforts. Our 11 tier system take gymnasts from total beginner to one who can enter national meets and help everyone understand what needs to be practiced to progress.

We regularly assess in our normal classes but formal assessments occur 3 times a year, namely December, April and September with awards being presented in February, June and October. We work hard to keep the costs as manageable as possible and feel that our new medals represent great value for money.

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